Municipal Historical Museum


Anka Lambreva Karlovo and the people of Karlovo after the Liberation. second edition 2021, price: 8 BGN

Anka Lambreva The Queen of the Southern Seas. Around my world tour. third edition 2021, price: 5 BGN

Hristo Fergov: In the service of kindred and homeland. Impressions and adventures of a schoolteacher, officer candidate and officer. 2014, price: 10 BGN

Anna Kuzmanova: Karlovo. Establishment and activity of the Parent Society "Education" in 1869-1919 Karlovo. Personalities and Events., 2015, price: 10 BGN


Explore the Rose Valley. Karlovo-Banya. Museums, landmarks, monuments. Brochure in Bulgarian and English, price: 1,50 BGN

Archaeological Heritage of the Charles Valley. 2017 Brochure in Bulgarian and English, price: 1.50 BGN.

Anniversary newspaper Buditeli, published on the occasion of the 170th anniversary of the publication of the first Bulgarian newspaper, Bulgarian Eagle. Contains materials for Dr. Iv. Bogorov and his first newspaper, 2016

Karlovo. Historic, cultural and natural landmarks. 2013, Guide Bulgarian and English Price: 3.00 BGN

Old Karlovo. Album, price: 1.00 BGN

Famous Karlovo educators. Album, price: 1.00 BGN

Municipality of Karlovo. History, culture, traditions. Guide, includes information about Karlovo, Kalofer, Klisura and Bania; price: 10 BGN

100 national tourist sites. Get to know Bulgaria. Detailed travel guide, price: 9.80 BGN

100 national tourist sites. Get to know Bulgaria. Guide, price: 2, 50 BGN